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Grace Lutheran Church

Lent, March 6 through April 21

During the six weeks of Lent and Holy Week, we will be focusing on our Savior’s journey to the cross. The New Testament authors spend a lot of time focusing on the cross and its meaning for us, so we will as well.  

Lent is a time that reminds us of our mortality and impermanence. We see our imperfection and the cost of our sin to our Savior. What we see even more is our Lord’s uncompromising commitment to winning the victory for us. His enduring suffering and death bought our salvation. 

This year our Lenten journey will compare the two most important messiahs (or anointed kings) of Israel: King David and Jesus Christ. David was a man after God’s own heart; and in His heart, Jesus bore the literal heart of the incarnate Son of God. 

The story of David’s ascent to power is almost as engaging as our Savior’s ascent to Calvary. They faced many of the same types of situations and trials. Though their journeys were filled not only with promises and victories, but also with severe setbacks, hostilities, and treachery, they persevered. They persevered not because they sought to exploit or capitalize on their positions, but rather to serve, protect, and save God’s people. 

Please join us for this Lenten journey. I promise that you will understand the stories of David and Jesus much better and gain a greater appreciation of your need for your Savior and His caretaking of you. 

Our Wednesday night Lenten services are from 7-7:30 pm. Our youth are also serving Lenten meals from 6-6:45 pm if you prefer not to worry about making dinner. A freewill donation will be accepted and applied towards sending our youth to the national LCMS Youth Gathering this July. 

In Christ,

Pastor Greg


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But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.
— i John 1:7